Hi, my name is Jimmy…and I am a puppy-holic!

OK. There. I said it. It’s out there…I have a puppy problem…I am a boy who just can’t say NO.  But I’m working on that.

Here is my family…

This is George the cat…my very first rescue and he is still with me…14 years later. He runs the household…walks right through the dogs and will even be found sleeping on the sofa in the middle of them.  As each new dog arrives, they go up and sniff around George a bit too closely and one good round of hissing and a swat on the nose and the new dog is like, “I don’t understand this dog…ain’t ever seen one do that hissing thing…I am outta here!” That is all it takes. I love my George kitty kitty. Update: George died of old age, he lived to be 16 years old. I love my George kitty kitty.









Then there is Bisquet. Puppy #1. She nearly stepped in front of my moving van the day John, my former partner, and I moved into the house. She was a flea bag, but generally healthy. She was just about 10 weeks old when we found each other and she is still with us…doesn’t look a day over 7! She has had perfect health and has a happy life. Bisquety Bisquets!








Sausage was the only dog rescued from the pound.  We thought Bisquet needed a play mate. Sausage looked like a pit bull and we wanted to keep her from being used for dog fights or the chance that she might not get adopted because she did look like a pit bull. As you can see, she doesn’t look quite like

Sausage is about the same age as Bisquet and she is still with us. She is the momma dog in the pack and she spends her day grooming the other dogs…they take turns and sit by her and she licks them clean. She used to be the head of the pack, but is moving a little too slow now for that role. She has also lived a very healthy and happy life. My summery Sausage! Update: Sausage passed away of old age at the age of 14, in 2012.


Pepper walked right in the front door when John went to check the mail one day.  Pepper sauntered right into the living room, then checked out the kitchen and when he had seen enough, he went back to the living room, jumped up on the sofa, laid down and put head down with satisfaction. We located his owner from his dog tag…she didn’t want “the dog”, it was her brother’s dog and he moved out and left “the dog” behind. I asked what “the dog’s” name was, it was Shadow. I dropped the dog, Shadow, off at her house and by the time it took me to walk home, there sat “the dog”. So I changed his name and put him in the “puppy relocation program”.

Pepper is our neurotic dog…he goes bananas when it storms. He will crawl on top of every piece of furniture, every counter and systematically knock every item to the floor. If you want to read a great story, read Oh My Dog! in Puppy Dog Tales to your right.  Pepper also thinks he is the local bad ass…but he isn’t.  In fact, he was disemboweled (seriously) by the real bad ass, Rusty, one evening after dinner. Rusty doesn’t realize he is the bad ass…and didn’t mean to hurt Pepper…it just happened.  Ohhhh, my pepper boy!


Sonny and Cher were found dumped on the side of this old deserted dirt road.  They were both really sick. They tested positive for Distemper. It usually kills the dogs by attacking their central nervous systems. They were both beginning to acquire a strong uncontrollable twitch in their neck and head. The test has two parts. The 1st test confirms they have the disease, and the second test will tell you how fast it is progressing.  After the positive results on the first test, the vet explained, “This is an ugly disease, it doesn’t end well.” That night I decided that I was going to heal them…I didn’t kn0w what I was doing, I was just healing them with love. I would picture pure love entering their bodies and removing the illness.  I don’t know why I chose to do that…but I did.  When the results for the 2nd test came in the Doctor said with a baffled look on his face, “I am not sure how this happened, but you just dodged a bullet, in fact two of them. They both are showing a negative result for the disease!” Their twitches remained but got no worse and the twitch is nearly gone in both of them now, nearly 10 years later.  Neither of the dogs has had any health issues since. In that first year when the dogs were both really sick, we didn’t feel they would be able to survive the surgery to get them “fixed”. We also thought they were too weak to “do the wild thing” and we guessed wrong and Cher became pregnant! She had 8 puppies on Christmas day! The story continues below with our three special needs puppies.


Baxter, Hippity & Chastity were born on Christmas day, 2002 to Sonny and Cher. And no, I didn’t change Chastity’s name to Chaz! They were the last three of eight puppies to come out and we thought they were dead; their embryonic sacs were deflated. Somehow we breathed life into each one of them and they survived. After several weeks in a special oxygenated machine of some sort at the vet hospital, they came home and grew stronger and stronger.  They each have varying stages of brain damage due to a lack of oxygen during the birthing process. This has given them a form of what I call Puppy Palsy, they don’t have full command of there hind legs. Baxter was the first of the last three, then Hippity and Chastity was the baby. They are my “special” babies…on multiple levels.

This is baxter.  He is a big boy.  He is our sentinel…he gets up and growls (he doesn’t know how to bark) at the slightest noice. Baxter runs in a rocking motion, front to back like a rocking horse. He is my baby boy of love! Baxter Boy! He grew the biggest, about 50lbs.


This is Hippity. She used to hop around. She broke her hip at the ball and they removed it…she sometimes pulls her back legs behind her. She doesn’t realize she is any different from the other dogs…and we don’t tell her otherwise. This has made her upper body very strong. She’s my big girl. Hippity Hoppity Hoo! Update on Hippity: she passed away in the spring of 2013. With all that she lived through, I was joyous that she was going to be running around up in doggie heaven.


This is my most special baby, Chastity. She was the last one born and had the most brain damage. Of the three, she had the least control of her back legs and was always in her own game of twister. She lived a completely healthy, peaceful life – free of any pain…she knew only love.  She passed from this life on Feb 20th, 2011, just a couple of weeks ago, as I type this I can barely see the screen through my tears. She lived to be just over 8 years old. She passed peacefully in bed with her brother and sister. She is my little angel of love. I loved caring for her. I feel honored to have been able to give her a life of peace…and she brought so much joy into mine. She remained small, never more than 20lbs. My little Chastity of Love!

Then along came Daisy. “But… she followed me home!”  And that she did. One day on my morning walk…along came Daisy.  She wasn’t being cared for, you could tell…she was just a puppy…and she wouldn’t stop following me. So she entered into the Puppy Relocation Program.

As she grew, she tried to be the lead dog…and the other female dogs weren’t about to let that happen.  Daisy came very close to losing her life several times in these epic battles. Every single one of the female dogs were trying to kill her all at once – one at her throat, one on each leg and one on a tail.  This happened about once a year until Daisy figured it out…she was out numbered.  She no longer causes trouble.  Thank Dog! I have plenty of scars from trying to pull her out from the frenzy of gnashing teeth! She’s my Daisy Dukers.

Lucky Lucky Lucky! This lucky dalmatian was found on the street eating leaves, an absolute skeleton! No hair, just full of bloody sores from mange so bad it took nearly 40 treatments to cure.  He was so gaunt you could count the vertebrae in his tail, his sits bones were just open bloody holes.  He had every disease imaginable including heart worm. The pictures I took of him that first night are so horrifying, I no longer show them to people. The vet didn’t think he would live. When he was found, he had a huge chain on his neck, though his neck was only about as big as my wrist. His healing and recovery took about 2 years.

He has since more than doubled his weight and has been healthy ever since. I’m not sure how old he is, but he has been with me for about 8 years.  Look at him now! What a mighty, powerful dog! He is my Lucky Boy!

Update: Lucky died of old age, somewhere around the age of 12 we are guessing. He was in excellent health right up until the last week. I am honored to have been in his life.




John found Jelly Belly on the side of the street, fresh from being hit by a car. Her pelvis was broken and if we didn’t agree to take care of the vet bills, they were going to put her down. So…when you have 10 dogs…what does one more matter?  Thank Dog that she recovered well and didn’t require a special walking machine!

She is a very docile dog and loves to chase Pepper around the yard…she is in love! She has a little shepard in her, thus the chasing part. She seems like a older dog, though we don’t quite know how old she is.  She has been living here for about 6 years. When I feed the dogs each night, she always comes over to me before all the other dogs are done and we have our special moment each day at that time. My sweet little Jelly Belly.



Rusty was also found after being hit by a car.  He was just a puppy about 10 weeks old when we rescued him.  The vet kept giving him a 50/50 chance on surviving so we kept OK-ing the next procedure.  He was struck on his right side and had a collapsed lung, no sight on his right side or hearing in his right ear. He went thru 2 blood transfusions…and pulled through beautifully.  He is now a big powerful dog.

In fact, he is the resident Bad Ass (the one that unknowingly disemboweled pepper one evening in a little scuffle…Pepper picked on the wrong dog), though Rusty doesn’t quite realize he is the Alpha dog.  Well, because he is blind and deaf on one side, he runs in a big circle…always in the same direction to his left (his good side).  He is my Rusty Bumpers!

Baby showed up one evening/early morning.  The dogs were restless and barking all night and early one morning…they just wouldn’t shut the hell up…even after I told them to…multiple times. John called me and woke me up about 6 am…he was calling from his car, in the car port. “There is something under my car and as I was getting in it started to growl at me.” I run out armed with a flashlight in one hand and a fireplace poker in the other. I got down on my hands and knees, and flash my light and staring back at me is this little scared puppy who immediately crawled out and started licking me all over my face.

I held her up and said to John, who was still sitting safely in his car, “Is this what was going to attack you?!”  Well, try and find a home for something that looks like a pit bull nowadays. HA! No such luck…no matter how cute she is…she definitely looks like she has some pit in her. So, weeks turned into months, which turned into a couple of years now. She is now our Baby! Damn! Do I have SUCKER written all over my face? Look at that face? Come on! Could you say no?!

Hi, my name is Jimmy…and I have a puppy problem.


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